Realising the visual importance of the basin in a bathroom, we offers a wide variety of choices to suit individual preferences for any bathroom aesthetic. From simple and classic basin styles to the more unique and contemporary, all basins uphold the standard of quality and style.

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Above Counter Basin

Above counter basins are also commonly referred to as bench mount, vessel, top mount, statement, counter top and vanity basins.

They are characterised by the majority of the basin sitting in full view on top of a bench, vanity or shelf. These decorative objects are the focal point of your bathroom and will the set the style and tone for the rest of the room.

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Freestanding Basin

As the name suggests, freestanding, or floor mounted basins are mounted to the bathroom floor.  A modern take on the traditional basin, floor mounted basins are an excellent choice for a powder room or public space.


Semi-Recessed Basin

Semi Recessed Basins are available in a range of configurations – they can include tap holes, if you prefer a tradition tap set, or without tap holes if you prefer to mount your taps on the wall.

The Gap semi recessed basin is uniquely designed to perfectly balance square and round shapes and lines, so it can be easily adapted to any bathroom or bathroom tend.


Wall-Hung Basin

A wall hung basin, as its name suggests, is mounted directly onto the wall, with no bathroom vanity underneath. This makes it a flexible and practical choice for bathrooms of all sizes.


With a wide range of different design options available, a wall mounted basin enables you to stamp your own personality onto your bathroom design.Here are some of the main advantages of having a wall hung basin in your bathroom.


Insert Basin

Insert Basin fix directly onto your wall, alleviating the need for a countertop. Wall hung basins are ideal for smaller spaces those trying to achieve a minimalist look for their bathroom.


Undermount Basin

Below the counter, the base or under counter basin design fits seamlessly into the top of your dressing table or counter. The Taichung Basin is generally deeper and more functional than the semi-embedded or top basin, making it the perfect choice for a growing family.


Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, there are a variety of base basins for your bathroom renovation or new home.