Bathroom Renovation





ZW Construction understands that everyone's dream space and bathroom building materials are different, which is why our qualified professional design consultants team to sit down with you to develop the right bathroom decoration concept for your family.

Once we've looked at the space and listened to your thoughts, we'll come up with a design that fits your bathroom's needs. Melbourne residents can rest assured that all the building materials needed for your bathroom, we will provide you with the most reasonable wholesale price

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Our company can help you to find everything you need to make your room look exactly the way you envisioned. From splashbacks, frameless shower screens, insitu showers and mirrors, to free standing baths, heated floors, taps and shower heads, we have got everything you need for your dream bathroom designing in Melbourne.


Fixed cost price


You have no need to fear unforeseen or hidden costs. Once our team has provided a comprehensive written quotation for your bathroom renovations in Melbourne and you’re happy, we will lock your project at a fixed cost.


ZW’s professional design consultants ensure that your project has a price tag that suits your wallet.


Professional Design, Budget Control, Quality Control



Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is the most private place, and it is an important part of the living room. The attention to the bathroom reflects our pursuit of life. Many people want the bathroom to be practical and comfortable, but also stylish and individual.


Bathroom Renovation


The choice of bathroom appliances should not only consider its elegant shape, but also consider the space saving, wear resistance, environmental protection, etc., not only to meet the needs of practical and aesthetic, but also to pay attention to the life of the appliance and to protect consumers. The health of the body is undisturbed, creating an ideal bathroom environment that is beautiful, comfortable, healthy and tasteful.