Arborlok Longboard (1-6)

Arborlok Longboard (1-6)

  • 10 times more scratch resistant
  • Designed for Embossed In Register (EIR Surface) using a natural variation between the planks.
  • HDF Base Material
  • 5G Click System
  • Superior technical performance
  • Extra beige balancer
  • Technical Date

    The Arborlok collection is the longest and widest in our range. All the patterns and designs made from the European Decoration experts. Using advanced scratch guard technology, the flooring handles the rigors of daily life with ease. The combination of smart and beautiful, they create an atmosphere of class and quality. The wide variety of styles within the collection ensures there is a style for every interior design project whether matching walls, furniture or the atmosphere.

    Arborlok combines style and durability to create a dream floor for a real price. Using the finest European materials, provides a quality of installation and finished that is unparalleled. With a tough melamine finish it is more hygienic than other finishes as the surface does not hold dirt or bacteria. It provides a low maintenance surface, whilst using materials certified low emission and environmentally friendly. With the wide range of decors there is a design to suit every style or taste.

    Arborlok系列是我们系列中最长和最宽的系列。 所有图案和设计均由欧洲装饰专家制作。 采用先进的防刮技术,地板可轻松应对日常生活的严峻考验。 智能与美丽的结合,营造出一流的品质和品质。 该系列中的各种款式确保每个室内设计项目都有一种风格,无论是匹配的墙壁,家具还是大气。

    Arborlok结合了时尚和耐用性,以实际价格创造梦想的地板。 使用最好的欧洲材料,提供无与伦比的安装和成品质量。 采用坚韧的三聚氰胺饰面,比其他饰面更卫生,因为表面不会留下污垢或细菌。 它提供低维护表面,同时使用经认证的低排放和环保材料。 有各种各样的装饰,有一个适合各种风格或品味的设计。

    Code & Name:

    AL2201 / Biato, AL2202 / Mocha, 

    AL2207 / Jarady, AL2208 / Calux, 

    AL2209 / Mosi, AL2210 / Amila

    Length Size:

    2250 (L) x195 (W) x12 (T)mm

    Pack Size

    1.755m2 (4 pcs)


    HDF Base material

    Wear Layer

    AC 4 Commercial Grade


    Micro Bevelled Edge

    Pack Weight



    1 Strip

    Floated Underlay

    Yes, Subject to compatible subfloor and correct installation

    Slip Testing:

    AS 4586-2013. Wet: P2, Dry:D1

    Australia Fire Rate

    AS/ISO 9239.1-2003. CHF Value: 6.2kw/m2. Smoke Value: 7%

    Swell Testing:

    As per maintenance instruction

    Formaldehyde Emission Rate:

    ASTM D5116 0.020 mg/m2/hr

    Warranty - Domestic

    25 Year Wear and Lifetime Structural

    Warranty - Commercial:

    5 Year Wear and Lifetime Structural


    As per maintenance instruction